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We’re delighted to announce our new course Senior Mental Health Lead training: a whole school approach which has been assured for grant-funded training from the Department for Education. Book your place today.

Understanding and Nurturing Troubled Children Course Bundle


Course bundle overview

This 20-hour online course bundle provides an accessible introduction to how and why children develop as they do – drawing on cutting-edge neurobiological science, developmental theories and clinical ideas to unpack the most significant influences on the developing child, and explore key developmental stages.

Once you’ve taken this course, you’ll be able to apply the learning directly to your work with children and families – drawing on a deeper understanding of the factors that can affect how children behave, think and feel, in order to provide them with the support they need.

“By understanding why a child presents as they do, we can become less judgemental, more empathic and so more able to offer them the help that they need.” – Dr Graham Music, Course Lead


This course bundle will allow you to:

  • Explore new science about the brain and nervous system, as well as key child development theories, such as attachment theory
  • Make sense of children’s behaviours and mental states by taking into account their family background, culture, biological inheritance and current contexts
  • Better understand the effects of adverse experiences, such as trauma, neglect and abuse, and how positive experiences can build resilience
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of good relationships for emotional wellbeing, health, psychological growth, and recovery from emotional difficulties
  • Apply new knowledge and skills to your own work, through exploring authentic case studies and reflecting on your learning and experiences.


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What’s included?


How does it work?

  • Save with this Course Bundle: Bundle Price = £249 / Cost of four individual Mini Courses = £276
  • This Course Bundle contains four online Mini Courses – each one containing five hours’ worth of interactive content structured over a week, giving you a total of 20 hours of learning
  • You’ll have access to four Mini Courses for one year in total, with access beginning the day after you’ve registered and paid, when you will receive login details by email
  • Mini Courses run continuously and are entirely self-directed, so you can sign up whenever you like, and work through the content at a time and pace that suits you
  • You can also purchase access to each ‘Understanding and Nurturing Troubled Children’ Mini Course individually – visit their course pages to find out more.

Who do I speak to if I have questions?

For further guidance, please review our FAQs, and contact us by email if you have any other queries, or would like more information about group bookings:


CPD Certified

CPD certified

This course has been independently evaluated for Continuing Professional Development purposes by The CPD Certification Service. This means that the learning activity meets global CPD standards and benchmarks, and the learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality.


Book your place today

Our Mini Courses run continuously. You can book a place at any time using our secure ‘MyTAP’ booking system, and access begins the day after you’ve registered and paid, when you will receive login details by email.

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