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Executive Coaching: the Systems-Psychodynamic approach


Course overview


This Masterclass will provide an engaging and accessible introduction to the ‘systems-psychodynamic’ approach to executive coaching, which has been developed by Tavistock Consulting. Key concepts will be explored via a live presentation, and there will be plenty of time set aside for you to submit questions. You will also receive access to a recording of the session via the Vimeo Video Platform.

Please note that this Masterclass series has now come to an end. Sign up to hear about future Digital Academy courses and events in this area.



Course aims

The ‘systems-psychodynamic’ approach to executive coaching focuses on the emotional and relational dimensions of work roles – examining those hidden dynamics which can impact the functioning and performance of an individual or group, and actively developing the ability to understand and navigate these complex environments. It also explores the impact of the wider system on an individual and their experience at work – from role design and organisational structure, to work culture and the preoccupations of top leaders. 


For this introductory Masterclass, we will open with an overview of executive coaching, and how different approaches have developed from particular schools of psychological thought – also covering some key differences between coaching and psychotherapy. We will go on to explore some of the fundamental principles of the ‘systems-psychodynamic’ approach, sharing a range of practical examples from different sectors, and reflecting on the implications of an online environment for coaches working in this mode. We will close with a Question & Answer session, and an overview of some next steps for you to consider.


By the end of this Masterclass, you will have an understanding of how a ‘systems-psychodynamic’ approach can benefit an organisation and its leaders by offering a deeper level of analysis and reflection, and you will have a sense of the core concepts of this model.  You will gain insights into how systems-psychodynamic coaching differs from other approaches and from psychotherapy, and have a clear sense of potential next steps should you wish to learn more about executive coaching using the systems-psychodynamic approach.

Find out more about the Tavistock Consulting approach to Executive Coaching, and explore more training opportunities in this area.


Course topics

This introductory Masterclass will cover:

  • An overview of the different schools of executive coaching and how these have developed from different psychological approaches
  • The difference between coaching and psychotherapy
  • The fundamental principles of the systems-psychodynamic approach – with examples
  • Working online as a coach from a systems-psychodynamic perspective
  • Options for your next stages of professional development in this area.

Who is this course for?

We welcome anyone to this Masterclass who has an interest in the subject. In particular, this Masterclass is for you if you’re interested in exploring different approaches to executive coaching – including the application of psychotherapeutic models and principles. You may be working in any sector and at any level, and no previous knowledge or experience is necessary to enjoy this session.


Course requirements/assessment

There are no requirements for this Masterclass, and no assumption that you’ll have prior knowledge in this area. Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a link to the Zoom video platform, where you will watch the live session. There’s no assessment associated with this Masterclass, just click the link and watch!


Course Timings

This Masterclass will be delivered live via Zoom on Thursday 04 February 2021 at 1:00pm UK time, and will last no more than one hour. Please note that bookings will close at midnight on the day before the Masterclass, but if you contact us directly for any last-minute bookings, we will do our best to help. Once you’ve attended the live Masterclass, we’ll also send you a link to a recording, which you can access for three months (90 days) after the live session. Closed captions will be available for the recording.


Course facilitators

Dr Robyn Vesey

Dr Robyn Vesey is an Organisational Consultant with Tavistock Consulting, part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. Robyn specialises in individual and team development, which enables people to get in touch with their capacities for collaboration and for leadership within their particular work contexts. She works across sectors, from consultation with charity boards to…
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