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We’re delighted to announce our new course Senior Mental Health Lead training: a whole school approach which has been assured for grant-funded training from the Department for Education. Book your place today.

Leadership, Followership and Mental Health

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Course overview

Part of the Working Towards Wellbeing series, this five-hour online course introduces the concepts of ‘leadership’ and ‘followership’ in the context of the modern workplace – outlining how positive leader-follower relationships can be used to strengthen emotional and psychological wellbeing.

At the heart of the course is the idea of mental health as a ‘continuum’ on which we all live, and you are encouraged to apply the theories discussed in the course to your own personal experiences in the workplace.

By the end of the course, you’ll have gained a deeper recognition of your own leadership and followership capacities, as well as the skills and confidence needed to create and sustain a supportive workplace for yourself and others.


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Course aims

This course will allow you to:

  • Learn about different models of leadership, different ways of thinking about followership, and the importance of the leader-follower relationship
  • Recognise and strengthen your own leadership and followership capacities, wherever you are located in your organisation
  • Explore the idea of mental health as a ‘continuum’ on which we all live – acknowledging the importance of relationships for mental health, as well as the impact of stigma
  • Gain a better understanding of organisational processes and dynamics, and how leaders and followers can help to create a culture that promotes mental health and wellbeing
  • Develop the knowledge and skills needed to create a work culture that reduces experiences of exclusion, oppression and prejudice, and their impact on mental health


How will you learn?

  • Explore key concepts through interactive lecture content and videos
  • Deepen your understanding via regular opportunities for reflection
  • Relate key theories to real life through a case study video
  • Record your progress against clear learning objectives


Working Towards Wellbeing:

‘Leadership, Followership and Mental Health’ is part of our ‘Working Towards Wellbeing’ suite, developed in collaboration with the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust’s ‘Add | Wellbeing’ team to promote mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Drawing on the key principles of systems-psychodynamic thinking, each Mini Course delivers rich and in-depth learning experiences, with a clear, practical focus on the most pressing challenges and development needs facing organisations today.


Course topics

  • What is leadership?
  • What is followership?
  • The relationship between leader and follower
  • Leadership and management – a psychoanalytic approach
  • Leadership, followership and diversity
  • Followership and culture
  • What is mental health?
  • Types of mental illness, including depression and anxiety
  • Mental wellbeing – a developmental approach
  • Mental wellbeing and relationships
  • Mental health and stigma
  • Promoting leader-follower relationships
  • Approaching the organisation as a whole
  • Systems-psychodynamics and leadership/followership

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for anyone interested in how attitudes towards ‘leadership’ and ‘followership’ can support better emotional and psychological wellbeing in a workplace context.

You may have management responsibilities, a role in Human Resources or Organisational Development, or a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing – or you may just be interested in learning more about this area.

Know someone who’d enjoy this course? Download a course flyer (PDF) to share with friends and colleagues.


Course requirements/assessment

There are no specific requirements for the course; it is open to all and assumes no prior knowledge of the area.

Upon completion of the course, you can download a Tavistock and Portman Digital Academy course CPD certificate to evidence your learning.


Course Timings

This course runs continuously, so you can sign up at any time. It offers five hours of self-directed learning which you can undertake at a time and pace that suits you.

You will have access to the course and its materials for a total of one year. Access begins the day after you’ve registered and paid, when you will receive login details by email.


Course facilitators

Lydia Hartland-Rowe

Lydia Hartland-Rowe

Lydia Hartland-Rowe originally worked as a music therapist before training in psychoanalytic child psychotherapy at the Tavistock Centre. She has been combining expertise in organisational work, specialist mental health practice and teaching and training in different sectors for over 20 years, and is now the Workforce Wellbeing Lead at the Tavistock and Portman and the…

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A great introduction to the leadership/followership topic which will develop how you view yourself and others in the workplace.
Mini Course Student

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